What an experience! I walked into my first class not knowing anything. I couldn't tell you where to find a code to save my life. ICD-9, CPT, and HCPCS were a foreign language to me. I was coming from a background very far from the medical field. I had been working in retail for about 5 years. I was comfortable in my field but I wanted more. A couple of members of my family have been and are still within the medical coding field. This is where I received my introduction to Coding Academy of America. I emailed Sharlene right away once I had her contact information and expressed my desire for acquiring this skill. Although I didn't know what was ahead of my I still was very eager to learn. Coming to the class I felt such a warm atmosphere. Just as if I was home! I couldn't believe how welcoming complete strangers could be. After awhile we began to delve into the curriculum. That is where my eager mentality changed to being determined not to let the challenging coursework consume me. I built bonds and friendships with my classmates which helped me succeed in achieving (on the 1st attempt !!) my CPC. What an amazing journey it was to learn the language of coding. Although I feel on top of the world I know this is just one of the many turns of walking in my coding journey.

Danielle Norgriff, CPC

To whom it may concern


I enrolled at American Coding Academy for the Certified Professional Coding Class, with Sharlene as my instructor. On our first day she informed us that the class would be intense and challenging. She was honest from the beginning. We were not just coding what the text book offered but real life cases. She has a knack for bring the class and the cases to life that knack draws you in and kept you focused. The class was definitely a challenge but with Sharlene vast array of knoweldege and her dedication to our class I found myself completely prepared for the National Exam, there were no surprises. She genuinely wanted all of us to do well and made herself available on a number of occasions. Now that I’m a Certified Professional Coder I look to Sharlene as my mentor her advice is always sound and practical. I wish all future students the best and just a little advice take a deep breath you’re in good hands and trust the process, Sharlene will be there to guide you.

Ashley Hall, CPC